Song on the Wind

My dearest love,

The song of change has begun to play. Again.  We have heard it before, you and I. Have we not?  Have we not laid in bed and listened to the birds begin to lift their voices in the sweetest melody ever heard?  Have we not heard it again as we strolled through the aisles of the grocery store, listening to cans and boxes and melons tumble to the tile?

And now as I sit here, knowing you are sitting somewhere looking at the same blue sky and the same puffy white clouds, I can hear it begin to sound again.  Can you?  Do you hear it, my love? For me it sounds of motorcycle rumbles, trains on tracks and planes overhead.

Whistle me a tune, dear, and send it on the wind.  Tell me what you hear, have heard, and where you’ve been.

The rustle and volume is rising…and I know you hear it too.  What is the sweet song of change now telling you?

song on the wind

Sending you my love, on the wind and wings of butterflies.

Yours truly,

Erin Terese

Silent Night

Silent Night has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs.  While there are many songs that are beautiful, fun or filled with holiday spirit, this song just seems so pure and filled with love.  Beauty hangs on the notes, dances with the words and warms all of the corners of my heart. Such pure joy is found in the birth of a child, in the twinkling of the cosmos and in “love’s pure light”.  This song is about the birth of Jesus, but in a way, it feels like a song meant for us all.  For we each are born with pure love and light.

Silent Night

This recording is for my mother.  She is a bright shining star of love and guidance in my life and my biggest supporter.  Since she wants so deeply for me to sing again, I recorded Silent Night on my iPhone for her this Christmas.

This is a rough recording, but may the feeling of love and light be with you today.

Merry Christmas!

Yours truly,

Erin Stafford