It’s Hard Sometimes

It’s hard sometimes. To say what we mean. And mean what we say. To follow our heart. And show it the way. To live for today. And plan for tomorrow. Letting go of the past. And all of our sorrow. With each ounce of pain. And every tear shed. Is an ounce more of wisdom….

Song on the Wind

My dearest love, The song of change has begun to play. Again.  We have heard it before, you and I. Have we not?  Have we not laid in bed and listened to the birds begin to lift their voices in the sweetest melody ever heard?  Have we not heard it again as we strolled through…

On Feathers

On feathers she walked, drifting toward the moon on notes of Bach and Beethoven.  Floating over fields of lavender, and rivers of honey. She waved goodbye to the alabaster house on top of the hill, and blew kisses on the wind, hoping they would land on the hearts of those she left behind. For her…

A Quieting

After a lovely weekend of serendipity and destiny and truly present moments: I am so very grateful for the people in my life and those that have crossed my path.  Words will never express the depth of my gratitude. Thank you all for sharing your authentic selves. Yours truly, Erin Terese