One Lovely Blog Award

I am extremely flattered and excited that Miss Erin Terese has been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!  A big, huge thanks to Lu at LuSays for following and nominating this blog for the award.  Lu, I find your blog to be so very candid and lovely, and am so thrilled you find mine to be lovely also.

When you accept this award, you must:

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  • Reveal 7 things about yourself
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Seven things about Miss Erin Terese

1) My full name is Erin Terese Stafford

2) I am turning 30 in a few months and could not be happier about it.  Each day I become happier, more peaceful, more patient and more kind.  How could I not embrace my age? I love it.

3) I love trying new things. Trapeze class? Sky diving? Yoga? Painting? Cooking? Count me in!

4) As much as I enjoy writing, sharing my stories and babbling on about my thoughts and ideas, I much prefer to hear other people speak. Listening to others gives me profound joy.

5) I cry a lot. Growing up I always thought my mom was ridiculous for crying at Hallmark commercials and in church.  I get it now.  I no longer restrain myself.

6) I have been a Pescetarian for the last 16 years and eat mostly organic.  I believe whole natural foods are vital to our health and much more healing than most people realize.

7) I would love to live in Spain someday. Life there is just beautiful.  There is such an appreciation for life, food, family and culture. I must go back!

Blogs that I find to be quite lovely


Thank you for following and for sharing your thoughts!

Yours truly,

Erin Terese